Module 4 What Would You Do?


In Module 4, you will watch a four short videos that are reenactments of real situations. After watching each one, take a moment to think about what you might do and who you might reach out to. After the video, our friend Dr. Wintersteen will share some expert advice about what you could do. Lastly, our friends from our Little Aevidum elementary program will share some resources for helping a friend or yourself.

Contains What Would You Do?: workbook pages 11-12 and Resources: workbook page 13

You can make a difference.

As you saw in the videos, it only takes one person to make a difference. You can save a friend's life. Please don't be afraid to reach out or speak up. And remember, if you're ever feeling hopeless or alone, you aren't alone. You are important and irreplaceable. There is help and there is hope.